NY Fashion Week

NYFW Music Trend Report

Activaire documents the intersection between music and fashion by reaching out to the designers and brands who participate in New York Fashion Week. We invite designers and their teams to share their track lists and comments. You can submit the music details from your show to: nyfw@activaire.com


Fall 2015

Music Supervision:  Sooy Park & Eleonora Quizmolli

Runway: Original track by DJ/Producer JULI LEE  – “DROP”

Finale:  Todd Terry – “THE SHINE” (Unpublished as of the date of this post)

Comments about musical direction:

‘Drop’ was created on a rainy late summer evening. While in the Studio, where ceiling is all glass, we could hear the sound of the rain-drops falling very intense. It was very cloudy but every now and then we would see the moonlight shining through for a few seconds. Once the rain stopped the air was crisp, pure and clear and it felt like the the rain had washed away everything, all the dust and dirt from the day before. The clouds tore up and you could see the moon shining clear and bright. - We literally tried to catch the vibe of that night in sounds and rhythms; After rain- Moonlight shines. 

BIG PARK’s Creative Director and CEO Park Youn Soo submerged the viewer into Jean de la Fontaine’s 1669 love story of ‘Psyche and Cupid’. Beautiful stained glass frescos evoked the exquisite icons of European Middle Age Catholicism and lend the inspiration to BIG PARK’s FW15 NY Collection.

For the Runway we used the track DROP- the sweet powerful music and inspiration behind the track and the collection paired seamlessly. The sound of the drops on the track reflects the pearls / drops perfectly within the collection.  For the Finale we played a track called “SHINE”- the name of the tracks says it all. We were inspired by the strong yet melodic sound that literally captured and lead you to that Finale “Shine”.  -Park Youn Soo, Creative Director/CEO, Big Park